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String and Glue is a book about Composite Materials written from the perspective of someone who has been in this business for 40+ years at this point.  It is intended for a more general audience than most books about composites, so it is written first person and without much of the jargon that goes along with most books about composites.  It is not a text book, nor is it a how-to book.  Rather it is more of a general audience book that introduces composite materials in a friendly, approachable, hopefully interesting and entertaining way.  Using a “Semantic Tree of Knowledge” approach, it starts with the basic history of composites and where the main ideas for these materials came from.  Composite are much easier to understand if you start with the fundamentals and get the concept that most of the ideas that composites are based on are analogs of what we see in nature.  Using examples from Mother Nature to explain the basics of composites makes them much easier to understand.  

Signed Paperback Copy - The String and Glue of Our World

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