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Consulting Engineering

As a Registered Professional Engineer - Mechanical - I can provide you with anything that  you need a Mechanical Engineer to do, including being an expert witness in patent litigation and failure analysis and investigation

Professional Engineering Services
& Composites Design and Analysis

Registered Professional Engineer - Mechanical - in the State of California. 

License number 41623.  Expert in the following:

  • Failure Analysis and Remediation

  • Accident Investigation

  • Expert Witness Testimony

  • Patent Litigation and Patent Drafting

  • Conceptual Design, Material Selection, and Design Analysis

  • Pressure Vessels - metallic and composite

  • Composites design and structural analysis

  • Composites for deep submergence vehicles

  • Composites in Infrastructure

40+ Years of experience in R&D and technology development with several patents in my name, I can solve any engineering problem and can build what I develop.

Professional and Business Consulting

I can provide consulting services in the following areas:

  • Expert Witness Services

    • Intellectual Property Disputes

    • Litigation Requiring Mechanical Engineering Expertise and License

  • Technical Concept Development

  • Agile Framework for hardware engineering

  • Business processes:

    • Doing business with the Federal Government

    • Quality Management Programs - ISO 9000, AS9100

  • Agile Certifications:

    • Certified Scrum Master

    • Certified Scrum @ Scale

  • Project Management Professional (PMP Certification)

  • Advisory Work for Startups

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Residential Solar Energy System Design

I also provide design and assistance with installation of solar electric systems for residential use.  This service consists of the following:

  • Load calculations to size the system

  • Selection of location for solar panels

  • Design of the system for grid tied or off-grid systems

  • Recommendation for equipment to purchase (panels, inverters, etc.)

  • Assist either homeowner or general contractor with installation of system and wiring to main electrical service for residence

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