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I have the proofs for my Book – “The String and Glue of our World”

This morning I was thinking of contacting McFarland to see when I would get my proofs, and what do you know, they showed up!!! I need to proof-read the rest of it – I’m up to about page 130 out of 220, but so far it looks really good. And just so that everyone remembers what the cover looks like – here it is:

McFarland has let me know that once I get them the edited proofs (very light touch, mostly geographical referenced to figures, like the figure below where it should be above), and get an index put together – which will take me a couple of days, I should see the book in print within two to three weeks. How Exciting.

And, just as a taste, here’s the Table of Contents placed here as a set of images:


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